Central Gas Systems are a more convenient, safe and secure gas delivery method compared to conventionally used LPG cylinders and can be effectively used for residential, commercial and industrial consumers through a city gas network serving individual buildings, residential / commercial complexes or even entire cities or industrial estates.

Our offering for Central Gas Systems is comprehensive and covers all phases of a project starting from conceptualization and feasibility study, through to project execution and operation.


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In the feasibility phase, we provide clients with a detailed techno-commercial review of their prospective project, including an assessment of the capital required and facility requirements. 

After we conduct our pre-execution study for a project, the project owner would have a clear view of their project’s technical aspects as well as the anticipated profitability, pay back and their return-on-investment (ROI).    



Our team possesses a vast collective experience in designing, installing, operating, and owning large scale Central Gas Systems in different parts of the globe. This hands-on experience enables us to provide our clients with the best possible Revenue Model for their project taking into consideration their financing position as well as the end consumer’s profile. 

Innovative revenue models involving project co-financing, shared ownership, billing options, grid connection fees and pre-paid invoicing have been successfully implemented on a number of projects to render them economically feasible. Our diverse business revenue modeling can also help customers achieve higher profitability, payment security and faster project amortization.  



There are several fuel options available in the Indonesian market, such as Piped Natural Gas (PNG), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) & Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG). 

Selecting the right gas to feed a Central Gas Systems is a critical decision that will largely determine the success, profitability and lifetime operational cost of the project. 

The per-unit cost at the source of a particular gas is not the only factor in fuel gas selection. Security of gas availability, gas volume requirements, further expansion plans, transportation costs and initial investment requirements to utilize a particular gas, must be factored in for an adequate fuel gas selection. 


We will factor all of the relevant variables including the project’s geographic location, gas availability, volumes of consumption, and the intended applications for the gas, to provide our clients with the ideal gas for their specific project. 



Penta Gas Solusi offers the full range of integrated EPC services for Central Gas Systems including: project management, engineering design, detailed engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up.


Our designs, equipment and installations are in full compliance with local Indonesian as well as with the applicable international industry standards.  Our engineering team is well versed in the local and international requirements including those of BSN, ESDM, DG MIGAS, SKK MIGAS, NFPA, IGEM & others.


Whilst maintaining compliance with the industry regulatory requirements, we always ensure design optimization and proper equipment selection, keeping in mind capital investment as well as operational implications. Optimal design and equipment selection is a fine balance that depends on the expected project lifetime, required system redundancy, and the gas system application.



Efficiently managing a gas network is one of our core competencies. As Gas Network operators, we are fully aware of the criticality of gas supply continuity and network uptime.  

The reliability, safety and cost-effective operation form the principles on which our Operations & Maintenance services are built. Our scope of services starts with securing the right gas supply logistic chain, guaranteeing system reliability and efficiency. 

Our operations service encompasses the full chain management starting with gas procurement at source, to the gas flow consistency inside the gas network up to the delivery point at the end user premises. We manage the full commercial and technical aspects of the chain, including gas supply scheduling and payment, network corrective and preventive maintenance, as well as end-user billing and collection management.