Using cutting edge technology to convert Flare gas, Bio-gas or Associated gas to commerical liquid fuels


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Gas-to-liquids (GTL), a process that converts natural gas to liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel rather than producing these fuels from crude oil, is a relatively new technology. The technology for GTL at a small scale has great potential in Indonesia since there are a large number of flare gas fields that can be monetized to produce liquid fuels.

This serves the dual purpose of not only reducing environmental damage, but also serves as a valuable replacement for imported fuels that have a direct impact on the nation’s self-reliance. We believe that this technology holds promise for the Indonesian market since the resultant liquid fuels are high quality and can be utilized for a range of applications from automotive to industrial usage.


Our GTL system can process raw gas of varied specification as well as NGL. They are modular in nature allowing them to be replicated for multiple locations and making them portable so they can be easily moved from field to field. These units can handle small gas streams down to 0.8 MMSCFD to produce high specification liquid fuels that are market ready. Moreover, they have a small footprint and require minimal civil work at site making them convenient to deploy.