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Leading Edge Technology

In 1998 PipeLife, the mother company of SoluForce, jointly with Shell started the development of a leading-edge technology in pipelines that would offer a non-metallic solution to the multiple problems that conventional Carbon Steel pipelines such as corrosion, scaling, high operating costs.  The solution, Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipeline (RTP) was first installed in 2000 in Oman by Shell.  Since then, more than 3,000 Kilometers of SoluForce has been installed in more than 15 countries in 5 continents.
SoluForce offers a flexible composite pipe (several layers converted into 1 solid layer) capable of taking up to 5,000 psi that is resistant to corrosion, scale, erosion and to a long list of chemicals.  The Standard (ST) type of RTP is illustrated below:
When the fluid to be transported includes hydrocarbon gas, SoluForce created a Gas Tight (GT) pipe, one of its kind in the world of flexible pipes.  This extra layer of Aluminum guarantees zero permeation making SoluForce the only flexible pipe to offer this advantage.  No gas permeation is a very environment friendly solution.
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