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Penta Pipa Solusi, a proud member of Penta Energi Group, was established to provide Indonesia access to leading-edge technology proven for the last 20 years elsewhere in the world. 


Penta Pipa Solusi is the Exclusive Agent of SoluForce® products from Holland in Indonesia.

Penta Pipa Solusi is not a conventional supplier of pipe; on the contrary, we form close partnerships with our Clients participating and guiding them through the Engineering phase, pipeline route decisions and installation methods.  Penta Pipa Solusi supplies the guarantee of leading-edge technology and a 50-year design life by providing a one-stop solution to each pipeline project.  Since each project is different, we provide a fit-for-purpose solution that ensures commercial competitiveness, cost efficiency and technological excellence by reducing the installation cost and time, simplifying the installation and eliminating operating costs.

After tackling all technical elements, we provide competitive pricing that beats Carbon Steel on an ‘installed basis’.  Our Clients place the order and Penta Pipa Solusi delivers the pipeline fully installed, hydrotested and ready for use.  We go one step further than our competition with personalized service that guarantees our Clients’ satisfaction.
If you have a pipeline project, Penta Pipa Solusi is here to challenge all paradigms and prove that our solution is better, quicker and less expensive.  More importantly, we are here to bring Indonesia to the future in pipeline systems. Contact us so that we can demonstrate that our complete end-to-end one-stop solution is second to none.
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