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Wells Division

Our objective is to become the partner of choice for service and operating companies in the oil, gas, geothermal and water industries. We provide a bridge for international companies without footprint in Indonesia, to market and commercialize their technologies and solutions. We also provide solutions to service and operating companies requiring unique and optimized products and services. 


Capabilities of our experienced oil and gas technical team:

Professional Representation

Continuously interact with Indonesian energy companies, to find products and solutions to satisfy their operational needs.

Opportunity Creation

Build and develop technical interactions targeting to become a trusted advisor. 

Bring Global Solutions to Local Problems

Opens market opportunities for the utilization of products and services provided by our partners.

Extensive Local Network

Represents our global partners interacting with the target end users for their products.

Technical Solutions

Facilitate technical sales for our international partners.

Full Local Support

Facilitates processes to transport, import, store and deliver our customers’ products as required 

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